Back in December of 12′ the Playground team joined up with blues duo The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer to create PG VAN #6 at Ironworks studio in Vancouver. It was a pretty crazy setup as there were more than 150 people collaborating on the bands track “The Sky Is Falling”. We had a percussion section of shakers, two 40 person choirs, about 8 snare and floor tom drummers, two keyboards, a saxophone, trumpet, a couple electric guitars, lead and back up vox and of course the harmonica. It was a challenge getting it all setup on time but the end result looks and sounds AMAZING!!!!

Every event presents a new set of challenges. We never really know what to expect the day of the show and are constantly making changes on the fly. I’m responsible for for the sound design and recording of the event but also step in to give my “producers” input at a certain point to help ensure we get the best performances from everybody involved.

This was also the first Playground event we threw that was accompanied by a behind the scenes documentary on how the show was put together.


Playground is available on Telus Optik Local TV in BC and Alberta as well on YouTube, Playground.Is and Vimeo.




The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer

Music Video


Behind the Scenes