Back in May the Playground team hopped on a plane to Edmonton to put on the seventh installment of Playground with Shout Out Out Out Out. We had a big open hanger style garage that has been converted into an artistic fashion hub of clothing and artwork of all mediums. We rented pretty much every tom drum in Edmonton which was about 60 or so. There were over 10 synthesizers and a choir of vocoded singers. This was by far our biggest production of sound, lighting and camera rigs. The result is amazing and the people in the audience had one of the most unique music experiences. Maybe ever!  The band had to rely on some patience while people learned how to play the floor tom in time with a sequenced drum loop. Not an easy task at all.

This was a ton of fun to record and mix. The result was an incredibly tight performance that encompasses the tight sound of a studio recording with the raw energy from a crowd of 60 plus people that were performing for their first time.


Watch the making of PGEDM#7 and the live performance music video below!